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With the goal of altering the way individuals feel about robusta coffee, develop a name, an argument, and an identity for the new British brand.



art direction

brand identity

digital collateral

packaging design

printed collateral

Since Dr.Owsy specializes in 100% robusta coffee, we would like to emphasize that their product contains more caffeine than their Arabica rivals and that we want to establish themselves as the go-to brand for coffee lovers looking for an extra burst of energy and alertness. The secondary logo was designed to broaden the brand's mission: Your red flag for drowsiness. 

Simple, powerful packaging is the key component of the brand's clean aesthetic. Customers can easily understand and relate to the goods thanks to the quick visual attraction this creates. It gives off an air of professionalism and reliability, reassuring coffee drinkers that they get a high-quality product. 

The variety of merchandise for coffee enthusiasts offers a brand-new approach to embrace the coffee culture.

Drowsy? Visit your Dr.Owsy!

Together, we developed the name that embodies the essence of the brand. We want to remind you not to take life too seriously while simultaneously taking our coffee seriously. Dr.Owsy will cure your caffeine demands and make your day more enjoyable with a wry wink and a steaming cup of bliss. The shape of robusta beans is symbolized by the letter "O" in the logo. The overall aesthetic of the logo is meant to evoke feelings of tranquility and nostalgia.

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