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Create a fresh and memorable brand identity that reflects the cafe's pleasant ambiance and commitment to quality while remaining familiar to existing customers and appealing to a younger audience without impacting the building's architectural integrity.



art direction

brand identity

digital collateral

packaging design

printed collateral

In this project, our goal was to blend tradition with modernity to appeal to all generations. The logotype draws inspiration from Czech signage, reimagined through a contemporary lens, while the symbol reflects the cafe's playful personality. Together, they form a cohesive brand identity that bridges the gap between the past and the present, inviting customers of all ages to experience the cafe's eclectic charm.

Understanding the cafe's ambiance and architectural attractiveness is critical for developing a brand identity that reflects its own character. The brand identity improved the cafe's image while retaining its natural warmth and charm. To give the brand a fresh look, I applied contemporary design elements such as a clean typeface, minimalist handdrawn elements, and vibrant color palettes. However, I made certain that these modern elements enhanced rather than overshadowed the cafe's cozy feel.

The merchandise line garnered overwhelmingly excellent feedback from both Cafe Chvíle's regular customers and new guests. Stickers, in particular, proved popular among customers, who proudly displayed their cafe connection on laptops, water bottles, and notebooks. The coherent corporate identity boosted Cafe Chvíle's standing in the neighborhood, instilling patrons with a sense of belonging and devotion.

In partnership with Cafe Chvíle, I intended to boost their digital presence and empower them to easily manage and customize their social media material. Using Canva's strength and accessibility, I designed a series of custom social media themes that mirrored the cafe's polished appeal and refinement.

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